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Zitong HUANG

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Huang is a social entrepreneur, financial enthusiast, and a world volunteer. She developed her socially-oriented company when she was 19 to carry forward experiential travelling on the journey. She also contributes part of her power to public welfare services through Overseas Volunteer Programme that collaborated with local NGOs in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Indonesia and Thailand. Apart from supplying global volunteers, her team has provided financial and material donations for local education improvement.

She co-founded the Finance Club at University of Nottingham China Campus, organizing tens of business events including CFA-IRC Competition. She was also responsible for the reception and seminar organising for the honour of Joseph Healy, the former president of National Australia Bank, and several outstanding alumni who possessed CFA or FRM certificates. Additionally, she has several internship experience at Bank of China, Essence Securities and CITIC.

She has devoted herself for countless volunteer activities. From teaching English for the local monks in Sri Lanka, cleaning up the beach to promote environmental protection in Indonesia to looking after the elderly in Hong Kong, she is gradually aware of the truth that only when humans, as social beings, help each other can the society progress in a more harmonious manner.

Huang is an incoming master student at Imperial College London. She just graduated from Nottingham University’ China Campus and has study experience at UK Campus.

Huang is a travel junkie. She has travelled 22 countries within her 22 years and her journey will always continue.