Association of Chinese Professionals in the UK 

ACPU Speaker Series – Tech, Finance, Entrepreneurship, and More Up-to-Date topics

A.CPU has launched a brand new flagship monthly Speaker Series, featuring top-tier UK-based Chinese professionals and experts to share their career stories and to discuss some of the biggest issues in the industries. 


  1. AI, Blockchain… How is technology disrupting the world? – speakers from DeepMind and Blockchain info

  2. How the City and London has changed since 1986 - John Li - the first-ever Chinese hedge fund manager in the City, and Cecilia Xu - the only British Barrister from Mainland China  


  3. A Tale of Jewelley and Ambition - designers from Mappin & Webb  


  4. Cold truth behind the biggest ever vaccine scandal in China:A crisis of trust - key view from European experts


  5. 闻弦知意,你也可以听懂歌剧天使的召唤 活动回顾| A.CPU Speaker Series 05

  6. 英国华人青年合唱团首演 & 圣诞派对


  7. Chinese Tech giant at a global stage? - speakers from Tencent, JD.com


  8. Working at a government bank - speaker from World Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development New Retail: China meets Europe - speakers from Shandong Ruyi (acquired Sandro), The Hut Group (My Protein)


  9. How the Biotech / MedTech is shaping the world - speakers from IP Group, Medopad