Association of Chinese Professionals in the UK 

About A.CPU

Our Mission:

"Get the voice of Chinese in the UK heard." - Association of Chinese Professionals in the UK has gathered over 100 thoughtful leaders across finance, technology, entrepreneurship and many other industries to promote the constructive dialogue between the UK and Greater China, by its flagship monthly A.CPU Speaker Series, inspiring A.CPU Career & Mentorship and exclusive A.CPU Lifestyle Events.

The Association is serving a fast-growing member base of over one thousand, led by a dedicated A.CPU Committee.

A.CPU - it is not a chip. It is a think tank.

Engage, Enable, Empower.

Insight, Impact, Network.

协会聚集了在英华人在金融,科技,创业和众多行业的意见领袖,通过A.CPU的三大专题:<思想>(主旨研讨),<人物>(深度采访),<生活> (品质生活),分享在英杰出华人关于经济、科技、社会的思考和探索。真正做到 “汇聚在英华人声音” ,为世界和中国在各个领域的发展提供在英华人领袖们的独到见解。

A.CPU – 像一枚CPU一样,集结了英国最有趣的思想者。